Social responsibility

Our values are built on ensuring safety, security, and well-being—and this doesn’t stop at customer travel protection. We approach our associates and local community with the exact same attitude. Whether it’s assisting through financial donations or volunteering, we support organizations that nurture and benefit our community.


Charitable Giving

We aim to be a brand that our associates and neighbors are proud of – and want to affiliate with. Our efforts to reach this goal focus on financial contributions to causes that reflect our company's and associates’ shared values. Our sponsorships and gifts support youth education, diversity, and people with disabilities at organizations such as Virginia Learns, VA PrideFest, and the Autism Society of Virginia.

We also believe in the importance of community health and wellness. Over the years, we’ve made consistent strides to promote the prosperity of our hometown, Richmond, VA, by cleaning up the local environment, supporting abuse survivors, and combatting hunger and mental illness in the youth community through contributions to Safe Harbor, St. Joseph’s Villa, and many other organizations.

Contact us to request sponsorship for your organization.



We put our mouth—and hands—where our money is! At Allianz Partners, social responsibility means more than writing a check. We actively participate in community volunteering events and offer our associates paid time off to join in company-sponsored events to support these efforts.  We also proudly encourage associates to take advantage of our paid Volunteer Time Off benefit, which offers them the opportunity to volunteer on a service project they are passionate about. Take a look around the RVA community, and you’ll see us at Rise Against Hunger, Feed More, and the James River Park System. You can also find us walking to support the Alzheimer’s Association and Cameron Gallagher Foundation.



Allianz Foundation for North America

As part of Allianz, we’re proud that the Richmond, VA, community can benefit from generous grants made possible by the Allianz Foundation for North America. This foundation seeks to shape a secure future by empowering younger generations and funding various programs such as the Virginia Council for Economic Education, Girls for Change, and Fit4Kids.

The Allianz Foundation for North America also offers a variety of fellowship and internship opportunities to help young people develop the skills, motivation, perspectives, and opportunities they need to be successful, self-reliant, and socially conscious members of society.

Learn more about the Allianz Foundation for North America, the grant application process, and other organizations that have received grants.